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    About us:
    „Lakiernictwo Przemysłowe” (Industrial Coating Magazine) bimonthly has been on the publishing Polish market since 1999. It is the only magazine in Poland, describing all the processes involved in industrial protective and decorating coating and preparing the surface. This magazine covers all issues of lacquer products, coating technologies, coatings testing, current standards and possible certificates, as well as environmental and safety issues in the paint shop.
    The magazine performs a vital role in promoting the latest theoretical and practical knowledge, often obtained from paint industry’s market leaders. The magazine, owing to close cooperation with specialists from various fields, is also a special kind of professional guide, which is easily accessible to the reader at any time. To ensure the highest quality of the publication, we collaborate with many research centers, top professionals as well as trade newspapers and magazines from abroad. 
    management, technologists and managers of departments responsible for processes in production plants. Our customers include companies using coating processes and surface treatment in various industries branches.

    surface treatment plants (establishments with paint shops, galvanizing plants, zinc-plating shops).
    subscription, shipping to the companies taken from our own database, free distribution at fairs and trade workshops. Circulation 6000 copies.
    GOLDMAN s.c. Sebastian Klauz, Joanna Sęk-Klauz
    83-110 Tczew, ul. Armii Krajowej 86, Poland
    tel. +48 58 777 01 25
    Grzegorz Petka
    tel. +48 793 601 249
    e-mail: grzegorz.petka@lakiernictwo.net
    Marketing and advertising
    Julian Ciesielski
    tel. +48 695 050 865
    e-mail: julian.ciesielski@lakiernictwo.net
    Joanna Knopp
    tel. +48 58 777 01 25
    e-mail: prenumerata@lakiernictwo.net